The practice of Otorhinolaryngology involves a multi disciplinary team and a number of other specialists are involved other than your ENT doctor.


Audiologists are involved in the measurement of ear function particularly hearing. They may be particularly specialised in the assessment of children as well as adults.

Allergy Nurses

Allergy Nurses are involved in the detection of the specific substance (allergen) to which you may be allergic. This can be detected by means of skin tests, blood tests or breathing tests.

Nurse Practitioner

The Nurse Practitioners are involved in the cleansing of ears using microscopes and specialised suction apparatus.

Speech and Language Therapists

Speech and Language Therapists use a form of physiotherapy of the neck to restore vocal function. They are also involved in the management of speaking valves used by patients after laryngectomy and in the treatment of swallowing disorders.

Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapists

Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapists are involved in the physiotherapy required to restore balance in those patients troubled with vertigo.

Tinnitus Therapists

Tinnitus Therapists have a range of adjunctive therapies other than surgery for the treatment of tinnitus.

Hearing Aid Dispensers

Hearing Aid Dispensers are specialised in the customised assessment and fitting of hearing aids for those with threshold impairment.


Dietitians provide advice to those with particular diets which may be required in ENT for those patients with snoring or sleep disorders or Meniere's Disease.

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